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The Urban Garden

A DC resident, Master Gardener in training, daughter, wife, and mother with a passion for growing food and flowers in small urban spaces.

Hi, I'm Alexis!

I was first introduced to gardening as a little girl when I visited my grandparents’ home in southern Georgia. My grandfather grew a variety of vegetables on their acres of land, and my grandmother cooked and preserved their harvests. I always appreciated the idea of growing my own food, but never thought I’d be the one doing it; especially living in a small urban residence in Washington, DC.

I started a garden as an adult on our deck when we moved to our home in 2018, that eventually spread to our backyard. Over the years I've been able to grow new fruits and vegetables in our garden because of the way I learned to maximize our small space.

My hope is to teach you the lessons and mistakes that I learned over the years from growing in a small space, so that you too can grow what you love.


Interested in starting a garden?

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